Consisting of qualified attorneys and specialized in Business Law, FENEON DELABRIERE AVOCAT is mainly dedicated to companies. With its excellent listening skills, the Law Firm provides its clients with a « tailored » service in counselling, negotiation, and legal strategy or proceedings.

Founded in 1978, the firm has since expanded with the continuous aim to better understand its clients in order to be more efficient in responding to their needs. Led by associate partner Antoine DELABRIERE since 2013, FENEON DELABRIERE AVOCAT is a human-sized law firm offering a customized service to its clients.

Fields of Activity

Specialized in Business Law, the Firm assists its clients in all corporate matters. Whether by using its in-house skills or by engaging external consultants or partners, FENEON DELABRIERE AVOCAT works in the most suitable manner to reach the commonly agreed objectives.

The Law Firm advises and represents several States, public authorities and international organizations.

In the private sector, the main clients work in the following fields of activity :

  • International trade, distribution and services
  • Construction, civil engineering, industry
  • Telecommunications, energy, environment
  • Bank and financial services
  • Oil, mining, natural resources
  • Aeronautics and transportation


FENEON DELABRIERE AVOCAT brings together Attorneys that have been recruited and selected for their abilities and capacity for action to best serve our clients. The Firm revolves around three types of resources.

  • An operational team. Working with Antoine DELABRIERE, Maria VASSILEVA, Alexandre PILLIET work permanently in the office, each of them in his/her own areas of expertise.
  • A missions team. François BOKO, Jean-François Di CHIARA, Domingas BAIAO and Michel KESSLER are an integral part of the Law Firm but do not work permanently in the office. They operate in very specialized sectors, either through missions abroad, sometimes over long periods, or in complex cases handled by the whole team.
  • A network of Partners and Correspondents. Whether in France or abroad, especially in Africa, the Law Firm has a network of partners and correspondents capable of bringing additional expertise (on taxation, accounting, patrimonial law…) or further support in local proceedings or interventions. Relations with African correspondents are made through the JURIS & LEXIS AFRICA® network.