Antoine Delabrière


Antoine DELABRIERE was sworn in as a lawyer in October 1995 after an academic training in Business Law (Masters in Business – Tax Law at the University of Paris II Assas and Post-graduate specialty program in « Law and practice at the Bar » at Paris II Assas).

After a work experience in a Law Firm at the French Council of State and the French Supreme Court of Appeals (GAUZES & GHESTIN), he joined FENEON and became an associate partner in 2006. In 2013, Antoine DELABRIERE took over the management of FENEON DELABRIERE AVOCAT.

Working in numerous fields of Business Law, Antoine DELABRIERE especially qualifies in private international law, through his participation to multiple missions and projects of OHADA Law and Construction Law (Specialty Certificate – Paris Bar School 2004).

Within the Law Firm, Antoine DELABRIERE coordinates the work of all the attorneys and works with one, several or all of his associates on large-scale cases.

Since 2008, Antoine DELABRIERE has worked as a Master’s Degree Law Professor at the University of Reims, where he teaches negotiation of international contracts, drafting of legal instruments and contracts or assessment of public policies in Africa.

He also acts as a Consultant on International Law missions or as a Trainer. Antoine DELABRIERE published, on his own or as a co-author, several legal articles, particularly in the Recueil PENANT, of which he was the Secretary-General from 2001 to 2013.

Antoine DELABRIERE speaks and works in French, English and Spanish.